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16th-Apr-2008 12:46 am - Portland
BBUK - Tom
Anyone else going to Margaret's show in Portland, Oregon on Thursday??

It's my first every comedy show and my first time seeing Margaret; I'm super excited!!
5th-Apr-2008 10:56 pm(no subject)
moral orel | bong bong bong
Does anyone have an MP3 of Eat Me Out?
gg surrender!
THE CHO SHOW (7 Episodes - 30 Minutes)

Thirteen years after her catastrophic foray into television, Margaret Cho is triumphantly returning to television in a new reality-sitcom on VH1 in "The Cho Show." This time it's on her own terms.

Margaret burst onto the scene in 1994 with her sitcom "All American Girl" and her struggles with the network over that show are legendary. After the show was canceled, Margaret channeled all of that negative energy from her network experience into a wealth of comedy material that fueled her rise as one of the hottest comics in the business.

This VH1 series will follow the irrepressible Margaret Cho and her eccentric entourage as she fights to be herself in an industry that in the past wanted her to be something other than herself. The series will touch upon all aspects of Margaret's "anything goes" lifestyle, from the strained and awkward moments provided by her somewhat traditional Korean parents to the more irreverent and outrageous moments shared with her colorful cast of friends and colleagues.

"The Cho Show" is executive produced by Rico Martinez and Margaret Cho for Crossroads Television. Jill Holmes, Alex Demyanenko, Noah Pollack and Jeff Olde executive produce for VH1.

8th-Dec-2007 08:20 pm - MP3 of 'My Puss'
Cecil B. Demented
If anyone wants an MP3 of this song

Well, here it is: ETA: a better quality rip: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5ME6NFOH
8th-Dec-2007 01:58 pm - New Tour & Cruise
After wrapping up a wildly successful run of her Sensuous Woman burlesque-style variety show, Margaret is returning to her roots with her brand new one-woman show, Beautiful. For the first time ever, Margaret's new tour will premiere Down Under. Margaret says, “I love Australia! The audiences are so smart and rowdy, it's really exciting. I love that they just voted out Bush’s boyfriend, John Howard. How thrilling!”

Margaret's Beautiful Tour will premiere at the Sydney Theatre on February 27 and 28! Tickets are available here. The US tour dates for Beautiful will be announced first through Margaret's mailing list, so stay tuned!

New Workshop Dates
For the next few months, Margaret will be performing a select number of workshop shows, as she prepares for her new national tour. Workshop shows are your chance to see Margaret in what is often a more intimate setting, as she develops a new show. She's making stops in Hartford, Tampa, Houston and more! Check out her tour page for dates and cities near you!

Join Margaret on a very special Olivia Cruise!

On January 26th, Margaret will be performing on Olivia's 35th Anniversary Caribbean Dreams Cruise (Jan 26 – Feb 2). Join Olivia as they kick off a yearlong celebration to commemorate their 35th birthday! Spend your first night rolling with Margaret as she brings down the house with her new one-woman stand-up show that will keep you talking all week! Margaret will also be joined by emerging comic Ian Harvie and hilarious sketch comedian Diana Yanez, from the Gay Mafia Comedy Troupe. Then let Olivia take you on a music and comedy-filled journey from 1970 to present, including singer/songwriter Meg Christian, folk and protest artist Holly Near, and Olivia favorites Kate Clinton, Karen Williams, Rene Hicks, Zoe Lewis, Sweet Baby J’ai, and Carlease. Call 1-800-631-6277 to reserve your space today (Cho fans will receive $250 off per person, by using the promo code SENSUOUS when booking). See you there!
22nd-Jul-2007 03:38 am - All-American Girl - finished it!
disney princess inner thoughts
For my thoughts on the other episodes, go to this post.

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Well, it took me about a month and a half, but I have finally watched all of my first ever TV-on-DVD set. As a whole, the show is quite good, but it had some duds here and there. And watching them all in such a short span of time, you can see how badly all the tweaking of formats, characters, etc. hurt the show, but you also see how the show succeeded in many ways. Of course, Grandma as played by Amy Hill always brings the laughs, as does Margaret. And the rest of the cast tries their best too.

However, with the health problems Margaret has said she's had due to the diet she was forced to go on for the show and such, maybe it was for the best that it was cancelled. It's also quite sad that they tried to do that to her. I definitely don't think she needed to diet. They certainly didn't turn her into the sexless wildebeast that most women who aren't totally skiny end up being on most shows. She was still the object of desire for many guys and, well Hell, they had her pose naked for a statue in one episode and everyone commented on how beautiful it was.

Anyhoo, I'm not sorry I picked this up. Even if I'd not cared for it that much, it was only $10. There's episodes I'll probably rarely, if ever, watch again, but there's some I'd love to see over and over again.
so i'm back to the velvet underground
Like I said when I first posted about buying it, I found All-American Girl last month at Dollar General for $10 - way lower than you'll find it at most places. So I picked it up, and I think I watched all of disc 1 the following day. I know I watched the one episode I wanted to see the most from each disc that day. (Actually, disc 4 had TWO episodes.)

Well, I finally watched Disc 2 and 3/5 of Disc 3 last night. Apparently, I didn't see or don't remember as much of this show as I once thought. But I still remember much of these.

So basically, here's my thoughts on the 15 episodes I've seen so far.

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So basically, there's only four episodes left I haven't seen, but I'm still going to watch all of the last seven from the set, as I'd enjoy rewatching them. So far, there's been some duds and some...whatever word you'd use for things that aren't duds. Altogether, from what all I've seen, this was a pretty good series, but so many things could have been improved. Although I wish it could have gone on longer because it succeeded in so many ways, I can also see why and where it failed.

I'll try not to wait another month to finish the series though. :P
21st-Jun-2007 03:05 pm - Margaret on The View
(ME) Webcam Icon
As much as I loved seeing Margaret on the View on Monday, I have to say I was disappointed with their topics of conversation.

Unlike a few people I wasn't exactly hoping for her to give EH a verbal beat down (not a good idea for a Guest Host to do), but I was expecting her to talk, to discuss. I was more disappointed in BW I suppose, here's why... Margaret is a ver influencial person, she is also very vocal politcally and as a women's advocate, however BW insead f talking about Margaret and what she's doing beyond the True Colors tour, brought up All American Girl. She brought up the story of how ABC had asked her to lose 10lbs to play the part of herself on TV. Now I realize that this is actually a big deal, but at the same time, it happened about 13yrs ago. It's kind of old news, and I'd like to think that Margaret has more to offer BW & The View than an old story of how their network told her she was too fat to play herself.

All in all I found that MArgaret was surprisingly quiet with her time spent on the program, I was just personally hoping to have seen a bit more, maybe her view of things going on in the world.

Though she did kind of do a bit of over sharing when it came to diet pill talk.
Shooting Orange Grease.... just ew. So wrong lol.

For those that saw it, what did you think of Margaret's appearance on The View?

PS This is jaymzalexander with my new journal. I've already added myself as a Mod under this name.
21st-Jun-2007 12:38 pm - MySpace Bulletin
Behind the Scenes at True Colors: on LOGO starting tomorrow!

Only six shows left on the True Colors Tour, featuring Margaret, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Erasure, The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip, The Misshapes and in a few cities: The Cliks, Rosie O'Donnell, Rufus Wainright, Amanda Lepore and The Indigo Girls! A portion of all proceeds goes to the HRC and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Remaining dates and ticket info here.

If you can't make it, catch Margaret and others on "Shining Through: Behind the Scenes of True Colors" airing on LOGO starting tomorrow at 8pm. The whole schedule is here or on Margaret's TV page.

There are more photos from the road on Margaret's blog today!
16th-Jun-2007 12:03 pm - MySpace Bulletin
Margaret Cho on "The View" on Monday

Margaret will be co-hosting "The View" this Monday, June 18, so make sure to set your teeeevos!

Other Cho News:

Check out the new web series "Girltrash!" (Margaret should make an appearance in it soon). Episode 1 is up now at OurChart.

"Bam Bam and Celeste" will be released on DVD on August 14th. We will have a presale up on Margaret's website this coming week where you can get a copy autographed by Margaret! Plus, there will be details soon on a special screening August 16th at the Castro in SF - sponsored by Good Vibrations. [emphasis added by me]

Hope to see you on the True Colors Tour!
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