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she's the one that we want.

Fans of Margaret Cho
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Welcome to LiveJournal’s Community dedicated to Margaret Cho! This community is a place for all of Margaret’s fans to get together and discuss the beauty, hilarity and intelligence that is Margaret.

Who is Margaret Cho?
Margaret Cho is a self-described ‘Korean-American fag-hag, shit-starter, girl comic, trash talker’. What’s not to love?
Margaret has written two books [ I’m The One That I Want, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight ], has multiple CDs and DVDs of her stand-up acts as well.

In 1994-1995 Margaret Cho was the star of her own show on ABC called All American Girl. She has been mentioned by Homer Simpson on The Simpsons on three separate occasions, and has appeared in several feature films.

In 2005 Margaret’s narrative feature Bam Bam & Celeste debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

For a more in-depth Biography, please check out her bio at her website here.

What is the Community for?
On a very basic level it’s for the fans.
We want you to share your experiences seeing Margaret live, how she’s inspired you, pictures, favorite quotes… even LiveJournal icons and graphics. If it relates to Margaret Cho, post it HERE!

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margaret cho is love

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