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she's the one that we want.
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Can you believe she is doing Dancing With the Stars??? This is going to skyrocket her celebrity.
She was awesome on Jimmy Fallon the other night. I will never look at olive oil the same again. Hehe
15th-Jan-2010 07:43 pm - The Movie Falling For Grace
Hi Everyone

I am Pat Roberts and I have been promoting the film Falling for Grace for Fay Ann Lee for the past few years. Falling for Grace is a love story movie and one that Margaret had a starring role in. It is now being released on DVD and will be out soon.

It was suggested that you all might be interested in this information and if you would like for me to post the emails from Fay Ann Lee about distribution of this film. Just let me know. I am not sure how interested in this you all would be. :)

runs in the family
I thought I'd post this here to raise awareness about a fundraising event on my Etsy to raise money for the defense fund of the West Memphis Three (WM3).

Many of you may have heard of them - three young men who were convicted for the murders of three 8 year old boys - with no evidence to convict them apart from the fact that they wore black, read pagan texts and listened to heavy metal music.

You can read about the case here: http://www.wm3.org/live/caseinfo/index.php

I've been lucky enough to have permission from The Dresden Dolls and World/Inferno Friendship Society to use photographs of them to raise funds for the defense fund.

My first photograph (of Brian Viglione) is on sale on Etsy now. ALL profit will go to the fund.

You can see the listing here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19336960

Please please please take some time to firstly read about the case - you may or may not agree with whether the WM3 are innocent - however - if you live in the USA you SHOULD be concerned about the continuation of their incarceration with NO evidence to convict them. Watch Paradise Lost 1 and 2 about the case also!

Then PLEASE purchase a print - go on - $20 to help these boys get a fair trial!

ps: I'm still waiting for a response from Margaret Cho about using a couple of photos of her that I have - does anyone know how to get in touch  with her?
Marilyn Manson
October 10th and 24th @ The Asian American Writers' Workshop
6:30 - 8:30 P.M.

A new reading series and open mic for Asian/Pacific Islander-American youth (from middle-school to recent college graduates) at The Asian American Writers' Workshop.

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO SHOWS: October 10th AND 24th, 2008***

Who are the Witchdoctors and Assassins?

As bodies that have witnessed onslaughts of violence and trauma from
supremacist regimes, we are sounding out for decolonization. We refuse
to play the “victim” in the countless oppressions against us. If you
ask us who we are, we say we are “witchdoctors and assassins”*. By
assuming these roles, we are demonstrating our creative resistance
against the traditional act of “performing” our race, gender, class,
sexual identity, and beyond on the world stage.

We are Axis of Praxis, your resident arts collective, coming to you
with our interpretation of the revolutionary theater. As witchdoctors
and assassins, we will be actors in the conjuring and dispelling of
the violence and trauma that we have witnessed in its most personal
and destructive forms. We invite you not to become only spectators in
this process, but participants with your own stories and revolutionary
fervor. Join us as we don our masks in performance, become puppets,
and transcend the stage with an impromptu dance party. See that the
instances of oppression you have witnessed in your lives on a daily
basis is no less or disconnected from the headlines of Asian America—
whatever and however that body means to us and to you.

* Leroi Jones/ Amiri Baraka. The Revolutionary Theatre. Liberator,

Take the N, R, Q, W, F, B, D, V trains to 34th Street/Herald Square

For more info go to:

Axis of Praxis are:
-Krystle Cheirs
-Nafisa Ferdous
-Emmelle Israel
-Muriel Leung
-Jackie Mariano
-Elijah Kuan Wong
-Derek Yung
16th-Sep-2008 03:31 am - Save "Bitch" magazine!


BITCH Magazine!

Please donate to "Bitch" magazine! They need 40 grand by October.

We've already lost so many magazines- ROCKRGRL, LiP. Kitchen Sink, Stay Free, and a host of other independent mags that seemed to be flourishing! And I am sad about the loss of every one of them.

After they disappeared, I learned of their losses...not via my local magazine shop/bookstore owner, but via an article in "Bitch" magazine!

"Bitch" has offered the ultimate in feminism. Offering USEFUL articles by/for/about girls and women. From its letters to the editor, to the last page, dubbed "Annals" (usually concerning retro examples of pop culture, which is always fun), "Bitch" is responsible for some of the most important, tenacious, humorous, and insightful culture commentary magazines articles in history. Everyone from bloggers to bell hooks have had their works published in "Bitch" for over ten years. Everything from women of color in the tech sector to women who are into sci-fi conventions have been covered, plus articles that focus on racism, music by women, and mommyhood are covered on a consistent basis. Within the first year I read it, there were spreads on the green movement, voter fraud against women, female comedians, and how the threat of terrorism is biased against women. Articles about women in politics to women in the comic book industry to women in Palestine.

All without those annoying full-page ads for stuff that makes a woman feel like she isn't enough without said product being advertised to her. All donations to "Bitch" are tax deductible, and it is a non-profit organization!

As we women know, this is the type of publication we cannot afford to lose. I save my issues for my potential future children, and they are especially precious to me to refer to in today's political and social climate. Please donate whatever you can. Countless authors, musicians, movies, artists, news, and political information that flies under the radar but is so necessary to know if you're a woman has been offered up on the pages of "Bitch". Babeland, Lunapads, Essence, Etsy, and $pread have all been but a few of the must-haves in my life that have been inttroduced to me because of "bitch" magazine.

23rd-Aug-2008 10:23 pm - The Cho Show: Premiere

What did you guys think of the premiere episode of Margaret's new show?

If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it online on VH1's website.
It's also available for free on iTunes (US). Just do a search for "cho show."
23rd-Jul-2008 12:46 pm(no subject)
9 icons.

1-6 Margaret Cho.
7-9 Ruki from Gazette.


Read more...Collapse )
15th-Jul-2008 11:39 am - Margaret on the cover of my magazine
angelina handcuffs
Hey guys. I mostly lurk here, but I wanted to tell you about my new lesbian-friendly magazine, INTERLUDE. I just launched the official website for it at 3am this morning (stayed up like it was christmas:-) ) and it would mean the world to me if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think. This is all done independently with the help of looots of amazing chicks (and some dudes)...we've been working around the clock for the past 5 weeks to put together this first relaunch issue. Your support means everything.

www. thisismyinterlude. com

the first issue has a double (flip) cover. If you subscribe, we're giving away a free 18x24 poster replica of both covers:

Your Daily Lesbian Moment
14th-Jul-2008 04:22 pm - RENT MARGARET CHO ON DVD!!
Looking for hilarious gay comedians?  Check out the film, Wisecrack, which stars the greatest comedian ever Margaret Cho!!! Wisecrack also includes comedians like Alec Mapa, Vickie Shaw, Judy Gold and others.  You can rent it from Logo, the LGBT network.  It's pretty damn funny!  http://www.logoonline.com/netflix
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